Corporate Profile


Welcome to PREMIER, your trusted brand of technology products, appliances and household items, available for over 20 years in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The main objective of PREMIER is to make the life of our consumers easier and pleasant, through the fact of making accessible to the majority, those products that have been conceived as the result of understanding the needs of entertainment and functional solutions for the homes of those who prefers us.

Premier products are distinguished by their wide variety and innovative and modern design at competitive prices.

Premier Electric (Japan) Corp., is the core business of the holding, where the strategical core processes of trade and logistics and its support’ processes are managed, enabling our products to be available in different markets in Latin America and the Caribbean.



The PREMIER brand symbolizes from its name, the company's vision: to be the "FIRST" in the public's preference and be the "FIRST" at the consumer’s reach, contributing to their welfare and make their life more enjoyable.


Premier Electric (Japan) Corp., considere as its mission the development of products through its trained and profesional human capital, backed by an after sales service and a network of authorized technical service centers. For us "customer satisfaction" is overriding.


Premier is guided by values that are shared by its human capital, which are applied in the management of their daily processes.

Our shared values are:

Professionalism: Our managers ensure that all of our work processes and activities are performed with expertise, responsibility, honesty and efficiency.

Mutual Trust: We strive to provide a trustworthy family environment within our company and with our customers which helps us inspire loyalty and exceed customer expectations.

Cherished: We are motivated by appreciation and admiration for all people, our co-workers and our customers. The idea is cherish to be cherished.



Premier's philosophy is based on applying strong values and ethical principles in the daily operations, from planning to execution and results measurement. We urge our human capital so that their daily life is also built based on these values, always trying to strike a balance in everything we do.